Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memory of Joe

About this time 5 years ago, my little brother Joe (21 at the time) was spending the day on the beach, swimming in the ocean, working on his tan, boogie-boarding, laughing with friends and simply enjoying life. I'm glad he got to enjoy that day because unfortunately, it was his last. He was killed in a car accident on his way home late that night.

I wish I could have been there that day to see him laugh and have a good time. He was always so much fun. But I have other good memories of my brother that I hold dear: Christmases (one Christmas in particular those darn reindeer on the roof kept waking him up), our special picnics (we had to have strawberry Kool-Aid), Disney World (it's just wasn't fair that he got a Mickey hat and I got stinking silverware!), fishing trips in the pond, and when him and his friend Chad would join us at the lake, to mention a few. My fondest memory though and the most important was when he accepted Christ. Upon returning from the altar, he put his head on my shoulder and just cried. In this I take comfort. I will see him again.

This Memorial Day weekend there are many who are grieving over the loss of military loved ones. When people grieve over their loved ones the last thing they want is a lot of empty words in an attempt to talk them out of their heartache. Most people want to experience occasional sorrow at the memory of a passed loved one. Talking them out of it is selfish. It only shows that you are uncomfortable with their emotion and you would rather not deal with it. It's understandable that people are uncomfortable with death, but they shouldn't shun the grieving because they "just don't know what to say". A little advice from scripture: "...mourn with those who mourn. "(Romans 12:15)

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  1. An important truth...and one that you helped me understand when I was grieving. Thanks for being there.